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    The extended research process….


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    The extended research process…. Empty The extended research process….

    Post by SbregaMercedes Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:46 am

    Research is something that is associated with critical analysis of a particular thing, and there by arriving at a conclusion which matches with the research objective. It requires keen observation of the subject from every angle. It have different process like data collection, interviews, surveys, testing of hypothesis and so on.

    agencies looking for models will have different motives. As they spend a lot of time in the selection processes, they won’t waste even a minute. As players of the field they will be aware of the opportunities associated with each and every activities. The advantage associated with the selection procedure is that, they can utilize the time for promoting their agencies along with the selection program.

    Developing and execution of online promotion programs is one among the strategies associated with their objective. Rather than going out to the floor for selection the other option they have to publish online about the opportunity they are offering. It helps them in two ways, getting the right person or person’s at the right time and also to give publicity about their firm without any extra cost.

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